Rubies on leather convertible
Braided Leather and Gemstone Lariats
Aquamarine,  apatite Gemstone Convertible Necklace/Bracelet
Green stalactites and Peruvian opals
Turqouise and Blue Peru Opal Cuff Bracelet
Sterling Silver and Peruvian Opal drop earring
Floating Peru Opal on invisible chain
Gemstone Floaters and Gemstone Companion Layering Necklaces
Long Gemstone Lariat in Peruvian opals chrysacola and chrysoprase
Visit the BespokeRocks Studio and have a BedpokeRocks piece custom made. BespokeRocks 19-7 Sabine Street Studio 162, Houston Texas 77007 Sabine Street Studios, Sawyer Yards
Men’s Jewelry
Czech Pressed Glass leaves, chrysoprase
YDrop Gemstone Necklaces